Chicago Chamber Choir is passionately committed to creating a moving experience for our audience by performing exceptional choral music that celebrates the unlimited potential of the human voice.  We are an ensemble of highly accomplished volunteer singers, dedicated to the choral art, who desire to be part of a vibrant musical community.

We believe that outstanding choral performance need not be limited to the formal concert hall, but should be available to everyone. Thus, we actively seek performance venues accessible to individuals who have the tendency to be overlooked by the performing arts community.

The choir has performed in Chicago's inner-city schools, retirement homes, homeless shelters, and rehabilitation centers. We believe fervently in the transformative power of music in the lives of children, and are especially interested in being an advocate for music education and supporting school choral programs that serve young singers in disadvantaged communities.

"We were touched by the kindness and warmth you all showed to our students. To hear such wonderful music performed by outstanding musicians truly enhances our programming."

Vincent Centeno
Director of Music and Program
The People's Music School

"Thank you so much for an absolutely fabulous treat! Your voices of eight settled stresses, aching joints, sorrows from loss, filled lonely hearts, and inspired friendships. Above all, surprised a room full of people who truly give selflessly of themselves to better our community. Your group last nite sincerely gave back to completing that circle of community.

Your performance was fabulous! Please share our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the performers last night. Their kindness and their talents will never be forgotten by our group! Everyone is looking for your mailing list now! I have shared the information from your web site. THANK YOU!"

Janet P. Jackson
Manager, Volunteer Services
Saint Francis Hospital

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